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Objectives of Spokesperson Assessment
  • Advance company's PR objectives by ensuring that all media interactions are effective
  • Safeguard the company's reputation by minimizing spokesperson errors
  • Ensure consistency and quality of all media interactions company-wide
  • Maximize spokesperson capabilities
  • Assist your PR team in selecting the best spokesperson for each media opportunity
How it works
  • Assessments are conducted individually, but may be grouped to include multiple spokespeople per half-day or full-day session. 
  • Conducted at your business location.
  • Each assessment takes approximately one hour of the spokesperson's time.
  • Format for assessment is a 40-minute interview on the spokesperson's area of expertise, conducted by a working journalist (under non-disclosure agreement) and assessed by both the journalist and an experienced PR professional.
  • Where English is not the native language, interview may be conducted in both native language and English.
  • Company's PR team participates in the assessment, and is positioned to provide further coaching and development.
  • PR team provides advance prep to spokesperson as usual (briefing documents, messaging, etc.).
  • Interview may be videotaped for assessment purposes and possible later use for development.
  • Each subject receives a full written feedback report and recommendations.

What do we measure?
The Spokesperson Assessment evaluates 12 Key Spokesperson Skill areas, and the assessment is conducted by both a working journalist and a communication professional.

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